Grammar Class: Conversation questions/drills in the present simple 

(Teacher, some of these present simple questions are for speaking and conversation. The ridiculous ones, however, are for drills: they describe a clearly erroneous idea in order that the student uses the negative to deny it and the affirmative to correct it – thus practicing both forms.)

present simple conversation questions and drills

  • Who does the dishes in your house? (los platos)
  • Does your best friend buy you good presents?
  • Do men get drunk more easily than women?
  • Do you live with Ariana Grande?
  • Does your Mum live with Harry Potter?
  • Where does a nurse work?
  • How many stupid e-mails do you receive each day?
  • Do people visit the dentist when they want a divorce?
  • Do you wear your best clothes to do exercise?
  • Do you live in a caravan?
  • What do you do on the beach?
  • Do most people get married on a farm? (granja)
  • What do you do at 8.AM on Mondays?
  • Do French people prefer the American or the Mediterranean diet?
  • Do you study English every day?
  • Does a house in London cost more than a house in Barcelona?
  • How many nights a week do you go out?
  • Do dogs hate bones? (huesos)
  • What do you do on Sunday afternoons?
  • Does Scarlett Johansen work in Macdonalds?
  • Do Russians sunbathe more than Gambians? (tomar el sol)
  • Does Cristian Ronaldo work in a hospital as a cleaner?
  • Do you live on the second floor?
  • Do rich people invest more in the stock market or in property? (invertir mas en la bolsa)
  • What do most people do to relax? (la mayoria de la gente)
  • Do you eat cats for breakfast?
  • Do you do your hair in the supermarket?
  • Does your doctor see you when you’re feeling well?
  • How many times do you fly a week?
  • Do actors earn almost nothing? (ganar)
  • Do British men hate beer? (odiar)
  • Do men speak more about their emotions than women?
  • Do you like to eat tarantulas?
  • Does a policeman investigate philosophical questions?
  • Does the American president love the Taliban?
  • Do you spend Christmas day on the beach with friends?
  • Do you live on the first floor?
  • Does silver cost more than gold?
  • Does a teacher work in a bus?
  • Does Angelina Jolie hate plastic surgery?
  • Do trees grow more in winter?
  • Does ‘table’ mean ‘amor’ in Spanish?
  • Do rabbits eat bananas?
  • Do you love Kebabs?
  • Where does a doctor work?
  • Does your best friend work in the same company as you?
  • Does life begin at 30?
  • Does your boss dress well?
  • Do cats love to be with dogs and tigers?
  • Do you work in the centre of Madrid?

We hope that you found these conversation questions in oresent simple useful for your English grammar class. Please visit the index page for more ESL teaching materials.



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