Get is one of those words that encapsulates the difficulties of advanced English: that one word can have many, many meanings. Well, I’t tell you all of those meanings now…but here are some of the most important.

1. ‘Get + adjective’

…means to arrive at a certain state of being. For example, if you add ‘get’ and ‘drunk’ you now have the means to describe the process of becoming drunk.

  • Don’t eat more cake or you’ll get fat.
  • I’m going to the beach to get a suntan.
  • I’m slowly getting used to the spanish summers.

2. ‘Get + noun/pronoun’

…is a synonym of the following verbs.

    • arrive
    • catch
    • buy
    • obtain
    • comandeer
    • fetch
    • recieve
    • grab
  • Don’t forget to get some beers on your way home.
  • Get a pen and a form and fill it out.
  • You’ll get a phonecall at about 6:30.

3. Get + past participle

… In advanced English you can can use ‘get + past participle’ as a substitute for ‘be’ to make a passive phrase. However, bear in mind that it’s quite informal and often used for negative things.

  • El chapo got caught trying in a safe house on the border.
  • All of the immigrants got stopped at the border.

4. Get + object + past participle

If you remember in unit 1 we talked about ‘having our house painted.’ You can use the same structure but with ‘get’ instead of ‘have’ to say that someone is doing something for you or to you.

  • That instagram model said she’s getting her boobs done.
  • I’m getting my nose pierced this week. 

5. Get + person + infinitive + make / tell / persuade / ask (and others)

  • I’ll get him to ask your father for more money.
  • I’m gonna get Timmy to make some more pies.


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