Advanced English vocabulary – Part 1

  1. Detractors: detractores


The president has many detractors. ‘Detractors’ are people who don’t like someone or something and are normally quite vocal in expressing it. ‘Detractors’ is not a formal term but it’s certainly a word only an educated person would use. Use the word: What do you do when you have detractors at work (ie… people who talk bad about you)?



  • Giants: gigantes



The forest is full of giants who eat humans. ‘Giants’ – gigantes – are extremely large men (I can’t think of any giant women) who inhabit mythical worlds or children’s stories. However, if a real person is very tall you can call them a giant. Use the word: Are most Dutch girls giants?



  • Top mas vendidos – mas importantes



This means it is in the top 40 best-selling singles of all time. ‘Top’ of course refers to the highest part of something. Its related meaning – top 10 or top 40 – refers to the most sold ten or 40 units of something. Number one being the best seller. Use the word: What’s the top selling car in this country?



  • Treatise tratado



ABBA’s song is not a treatise on military history but demonstrates a well-known English metaphor. ‘A treatise’ is a formal, written examination of an academic nature. It is highly unlikely you will write one in the upcoming years but it is highly likely you will see the word when reading about history. Use the word: Would you be good at writing a treatise on the economy?



  • Dealings tratos



In fact, if you work in England and you and your colleagues have to have some dealings with the French… mention Waterloo.  Most of you know the word ‘to deal with’. It is extremely important in business in order to talk about the type of clients you interact with. Now, though, I’d like you to learn the noun. ‘Dealings.’ To have dealings with someone is to deal with them. Use the word: Would you have business dealings with someone who had been convicted of shop lifting? 



  • Sacrosanct sacrosanto



Therefore, everything associated with the church is sacrosanct. ‘’Sacrosanct’ is something that is sacred and holy. Things that are sacrosanct in British culture are beer, Sunday roasts and football. Use the word: Is football sacrosanct?



  • Wellingtons botas de goma



They are still called wellingtons or ‘wellies’ for short. ‘Wellingtons’ are the boots you wear in the rain or if you are working in the fields. Other than that…they’re not really practical are they? Use the word: Are wellingtons sexy?



  • Rubber caucho



Wellington boots are made of rubber. As you proceed to an advanced level of English you need to know how to talk about all the principle fabrics and materials. Rubber – which comes from trees – is what is used to make tyres. Oh yes… and wellington boots. Use the word: where does rubber come from?



It’s that time again, Vocatic students… time to learn more advanced English vocabulary. Our five coolest words today are…

Advanced English Vocabulary – list 2a

  • To Feature
  • Items
  • Range
  • Assembled
  • Exemplify

So what’s the coolest word in today’s list of advanced English vocabulary? Well, I think it has to be ‘feature’ because whenever I think of the word ‘feature’ I always think of Snoop Dog… he ‘features’ in many good songs – ‘California Gurlz ‘ is a good example. Well, enough of my opinion, let’s download the audio and start the class immediately. See you for next week’s podcast.


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