As always, though, we begin the learning experience with some advanced English vocabulary. Let’s go.  


Part 1 of today’s advanced English vocabularty class


  • Ultimate: máximo/ último



He was the ultimate proof that a man can change his life.ultimate’ – máximo – often confuses our latin students, and it cannot be translated as ‘ultimo’ under no circumstances. However, there is a connection. If something is the ultimate expression of something it defines it so well that nothing else can be said. It is the end of further comparisons because it is so definitive. Use the word: What is the ultimate surprise?



  • Weep: llorar



He was weeping because his fish had died.  The difference between ‘weeping’ – llorar – and ‘crying’ is that ‘crying’ can be used for many purposes whether it is a child crying because he can’t get what he wants, or an adult crying because of a serious tragedy. Weeping is always associated with something serious. Use the word: Would you weep if you lost your job?



  • Spawned: engendrar/producir



It also spawned many imitations. The origins of ‘spawn’ are biological – ie. There are certain types of animal whose babies are called ‘spawn.’ in this audio however, it is used in its metaphorical sense to mean that something created or was caused by something else. Use the word: How many films has Star Wars spawned?



  • Stalk: acechar 



And the last known survivor stalks his prey in the night. ‘prey’ is what a tiger looks for and ‘stalk’ is the process by which he approaches silently, ready to attack. In the last ten years however, ‘stalking’ has become a word for when a man or woman becomes obsessed with someone and starts following them around or bombarding them with phone calls. Use the word: Is sending a girl you like twenty Wassap messages a day, stalking or being romantic?



  • Poverty: pobreza



Despite this poverty, he was happy. ‘Poverty’ is the noun of ‘poor,’ and a good example sentence would be, ‘levels of poverty in Europe have increased in the past few three years.’ Use the word: Would you survive total poverty?



  • Persevere: perseverar



Stallone persevered, however, and his belief paid off.  ‘perseverance’ is the principal quality of an Ingocio student… it is the ability to never give up on your goal or objective. Remember, one of our mottos is… ‘die trying.’ Use the word: Do you think you’re good at persevering?



  • Tuned: afinado / sintonizado



Tigers (and cats in general) have finely tuned senses.  If you have a radio then you have to ‘tune it in’ to find the station. Once you find it you have to ‘fine tune’ it to get the exact position and best signal. Metaphorically, therefore ‘finely tuned’ means ‘exactly and precisely positioned for excellent performance.’ Use the word: Are your senses finely tuned when you’re asleep?



  • Gemstone: piedra preciosa



There is also, by the way, a gemstone called the emerald.  ‘gemstone’ is not a word you have to remember but it is necessary to understand the audio. It is a precious stone like the emerald or sapphire. Use the word: What’s the most romantic gemstone you can give someone?


Hello, and welcome to another class of advanced English vocabulary. Today we will be learning the meaning of the following words:
Advanced English Vocabulary – list 4a

  • Lengthy
  • Bleak
  • Camp
  • Pie in the sky
  • Elation

Five key words/expressions of advanced English vocabulary



  • Lengthy: long



E.g. After a lengthy research period the product was completed. Lengthy – muy largo – is simply an adjective of length – the word we use to describe how long an object is, or a period of time. For example – the length of the film is two hours. ‘Lengthy’ is simply an adjective that means something lasts for a long time. Use the word: Have you ever been involved in a lengthy negotiation? Tell the class about it.



  • Bleak: depressing, frank, stark



E.g. His bleak picture of life made his paintings very sad. Bleak – deprimente – is used to describe something depressing and without hope. A common phrase is ‘a bleak outlook’. If the IMF delivers a bleak outlook when talking about the Irish economy it means things are looking very bad now and in the future. Use the word: Do you think that the economic situation is looking bleak?


  1.         Camp: team, side or faction


E.g. The defence minister has defected to the opposition’s camp. Camp – equipo o lado – is simply another word for team, side or faction. Its origins are military. When two armies have stopped to rest and make ready for war they are camped. To go to the other camp means literally to go to the enemy’s camp. Use the word:  What would make your boss say you had defected to the other camp?


  1.     Pie in the sky: unrealistic plan


E.g. All his dreams of starting up a business were just pie in the sky. Pie in the sky – castillos en el aire – refers to any idea, plan or scheme that has no chance of even starting – let alone succeeding. If you’ve ever seen a colleague talk about starting up a business but you know he’ll never do it then their idea is just… pie in the sky. Use the word: Do you think government talk about creating more jobs is just pie in the sky?


  1.     Elation: extreme happiness


E.g. I was filled with elation when they told me about the promotion. Elation – elación (felicidad total) – is a word for a feeling of total happiness. It’s definitely not a word for normal happiness. You don’t say “I’m elated to see you”. It is only to be used for rare events. Use the word: What would immediately make you feel elated?


Okay everybody, let’s repeat our five key words of advanced English vocabulary – Lengthy muy largo, Bleak deprimente, Camp equipo o lado, Pie in the sky castillos en el aire, and Elation elación (felicidad total) – Okay, let’s listen to this week’s audio, but remember, this class is just one module of the unique learning experience called Ingocio. Visit and start improving your career, your general knowledge, and your English. Download the free version… now!


I think my favourite expression from this week’s class of advanced English Vocabulary has to be ‘pie in the sky’. ‘Pie’ is something you eat – like a chicken pie or a beef pie… so the question is… why the hell is it in the sky? Well, my friends, I don’t want to ruin the surprise so I’m afraid you’ll have to listen to the audio immediately. Don’t forget that after this podcast follows the rest of class. Thank-you.
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