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Class 1 – Introduction (Same as above video)
Class 2 – Vocabulary 1
Class 3 – Advanced Listening 1: Conflict Resolution
Class 4 – Pronunciation
Class 5 – Vocabulary 2
Class 6 – Listening 2:IKEA

Program 2013: Semester 1

Week 1: Conflict Resoloution Class 1a – Conflict resoloution: vocab audio Class 1b – Business feuds: vocab audio Class 1c – Notorious BIG vocab audio
Modern-Dream-Home-near-lake-in-Sweden-by-John-Robert-Nilsson-588x386 Week 2: Sweden Class 2a – IKEA: vocab audio Class 2b – A history of Spotify vocab audio Class 2c – Waterloo vocab audio
86c19__deloitte-1 Week 3: Power Class 3a – Cleopatra: vocab audio Class 3b – KPMG and oligopolies: vocab audio Class 3c – Monopoly: vocab audio
cosmic_form_of_dancing_shiva_pe39 Week 4: Life Change Class 4a – Life change vocab audio Class 4b – Financial Times vocab audio Class 4c – Ashoka vocab audio
Mystic_Wolf_1440x900 Week 5: The secret lives of pets Class 5a – Animal sexuality vocab audio Class 5b – Dog TV vocab audio Class 5c – Villagers vocab audio
san-francisco-wedding-couple_home_masthead Week 6: Who should you marry? Class 6a – Choosing a spouse vocab audio Class 6b – Online dating vocab audio Class 6c – Bruno Mars vocab audio

Program 2012 – 2013: Semester 2

Materials are published online at the end of each semester. Semester 2 will be available – Easter 2013.

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