Advanced speaking and conversation questions

Here you have a number of questions you can use for advanced speaking practice.

  • All of us have a different persona for different contexts – as a parent, as a sportsman, as a boss, as a negotiator. Give the class a brief 1 minute profile of your conflict personality and general conduct in a conflict. To objectify it, speak in third person about yourself. For example “Jenny’s motto is simple… she’s always right and she’ll fight to the death rather than accept the contrary etc etc…”
  • What were/are the majority of your conflicts about as a teenager with your parents? Can you tell us a specific story? What could both sides have done better to reduce the amount of conflict?
  • Is physical violence justified in the following circumstances: someone verbally insults and humiliates you? Someone verbally insults and humiliates your mum? Your best friend sleeps with your wife/husband/boy/girlfriend?
  • What do you do if someone jumps in front of you in a queue and refuses to move?
  • What are the three most common types of argument between spouses and boy/girlfriends?
  • Do you think that relationship counselling can work or that once a relationship is dead it’s dead? Try and give specific reasons.
  • How is it possible that some conflicts like the Palestinian – Israeli problem can go on for so many years despite numerous presidents, experts, agreements and interventions? Try to avoid a political discussion and refer to each state as State A or State B instead of directly naming ‘Israel.’ 
  • Why is it that for all of its history Europe was at war, yet there has been no war in Western Europe since the 1940s? What has caused the elimination of armed conflict?
  • Can you tell us about a serious incidence of conflict in the workplace you have witnessed or experienced personally? Talk about a previous company if you cannot talk about your current job. How was the conflict resolved? 
  • What are the 5 most annoying things people do on Facebook? Is it possible to have a conflict over something on Facebook. Do you agree with Rokeby’s advice that you shouldn’t have conflicts by e-mail or Wassap? How do you define a toxic person?

Advanced English Conversation and speaking part 2

  1. Where do most of the gangsters live in your city? Are you scared of them? Why/ why not?
  2. How did the life of the Notorious BIG end? What does this tell us about HIP HOP? 
  3. Choose one of the following (or all ) questions and explain your answer. Which war did you learn most about at school? What is your favourite war movie? Has anyone in your family ever fought in a war?
  4. What is the most important conflict in the world at the moment and why? What types of conflict may occur in the future that we haven’t anticipated?
  5. When was slavery abolished in this country? Are there some more subtle forms of slavery that still exist in today’s world? Do you ever feel like a slave?
  6. Do you believe in revenge or do you believe in Confucius philosophy of revenge? (If you embark on a mission of revenge… dig two graves). Is revenge a normal, healthy emotion? 
  7. Do you think it’s really possible that 6% of marriages break up because of workaholism? What has been your experience with workaholism?
  8. Do you think that people are becoming less tolerant of others?

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