Advanced English Speaking class – part 1

  1. Do you think a murderer can change or will he always be evil?
  2. Do you think being poor before you’re rich makes celebrities more humble or more arrogant and tasteless once they get rich?
  3. Has your opinion of Sylvester Stallone changed now you know more about him? Do you know of any other famous people with similar stories?
  4. Where would you sleep in New York if you didn’t have any money? Have you ever spent a night in New York – where did you sleep?
  5. What’s your favourite Queen song and can you translate the lyrics for the class?
  6. Have you ever written a song, poem or novel? Can you play a musical instrument… which one would you play if you could play any?
  7. Have you ever bought or read a book from the ‘dummies’ series. What new subject would you like to learn about if you had the time?
  8. Do you have perfect vision and hearing? How do you know? Would you like to have super hearing like a cat? What might be the disadvantage?
  9. Cats or dogs? Why?
  10. Egypt, Rome or Greece? Why?


Advanced English Speaking Questions

Hi…welcome to another cool and fascinating class of advanced English speaking. Today we ask questions about the science of life change.

  1. Are you an optimist or a pessimist? Why?
  2. If you could study another degree what would you study?
  3. Thinking about your life and that of people you know… can people change their life?
  4. When you make a decision (to give up smoking, do more exercise etc…) are you good at executing it?
  5. Do children help you or stop you changing your life for the better?
  6. The Alchemist is a very bad book. DISCUSS.
  7. What book, film or television program has had the biggest influence on your life?
  8. What’s your destiny?
  9. Are people in poorer countries happier than people in richer countries? Explain why?
  10. If you changed your job now would you work for the same type of company?

Thanks for participating in this advanced English speaking activity: see you next week.


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