We all know that speaking is the most important part of your advanced English skillset – that’s why we compile cool conversation questions that give you a chance to practice.

Part 1 of the advasnced English speaking course

  1. Do you think the Village people are a jewel of twentieth century culture or a lot of nonsense? What about Boney M?
  2. When the music starts at a party are you the first to start dancing? Are you a good dancer? Prove it by showing off your moves.
  3. Have you ever been dancing at a gay club? What are the advantages and disadvantages of a gay club?
  4. Are there any common conceptions about people from small villages in your culture? Are they justified?
  5. What is the best thing to do if a ferocious jackal starts running towards you?
  6. Tell us a story about you and U2.
  7. Is monogamy unnatural?
  8. What’s the longest distance you’ve ever run? Did you run a lot when you were young?
  9. Are people who do triathlons just people who don’t know how to relax?
  10. Are fundamentalist Islam and Marxism compatible? Explain your answer.

Advanced English speaking questions

  1. What’s the strongest medication you’ve ever taken? Did it cause any serious changes in your behaviour?
  2. Do you like old black and white films?. Do you like Fred Astaire, Abbot and Costello, Charlie Chaplain and other stars of yesteryear?
  3. Do you think culture today is vibrant or stagnant?
  4. Do you think mainstream politics has the answers to today’s problems? If not, what is the answer?
  5. What is the advantage of going to a gay discothèque instead of a non-gay discothèque?
  6. Do you think it was wrong of George Michael to hide his sexuality for so long?
  7. Would you recommend to a gay couple that they get married?
  8. Would it affect your relationship with your dog if you knew he was a gay dog?
  9. Which animal most closely reflects your nature? 
  10. Tell us a story about the best pet you’ve ever had.


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