Welcome to another class of conversation that allows you to practice your advanced speaking skills.

Speaking questions – part 1

  • Which celebrity is a great example to others and to young people of how to behave?
  • Which celebrity is the worse example of how to behave? 
  • Would you have the courage to risk your life to help others fight for their freedom?
  • Who is your favourite classic movie star? Do you like black and white films?
  • How much right to privacy do celebrities have?
  • Do you remember the day JFK died, Elvis, Princess Diana, and Michael Jackson? Tell us a story about what you were doing and what your reaction was?
  • Tell us a story about you, or someone you know, meeting someone famous.
  • Which celebrity do you have a particular interest in and why? Tell us a recent story about them which proves your knowledge.
  • Do you think it’s morally acceptable that a movie star or footballer receives twenty million dollars a season or movie and a teacher or a nurse receives twenty thousand. Why/why not?
  • Beckett specialised in the absurd… tell us about something you think is absurd.

Speaking questions – part 2

  1. Do you like boxing? Why, why not?
  2. Are you good at fighting? What about arguing? Who’s the most annoying arguer you know?
  3. Did you have a poor childhood? Is it better to be very poor than very rich when you’re young? 
  4. Is Beyoncé one of the most beautiful women in the world? Would you like her to be the mother of your children? If you’re a woman, Jay Z – the father?
  5. Did you cry the day Destiny’s child broke up?
  6. What’s the best and the worst thing about hip hop?
  7. What punishment should be given to a father who makes his child help to administer his drugs?
  8. What would be the probability that you would be kicked out of the army? Why?
  9. What would be the best and worst thing about moving to Paris?
  10. Is racism a problem in the United States?

I hope you enjoyed this class of advanced English speaking. See you next week.


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