Are you ready for today’s class of advanced English speaking especially designed for the Cambridge exam? Of course you are. Let’s go.

Speaking querstions part 1

  1. Do you agree that it is offensive to mass produce Dreamcatchers?
  2. Do you admire native American culture? Have you ever visited a reservation in the US? What, apart from dreamcatchers, do you associate with native Americans?
  3. Do you like Chinese food? Do you prefer Japanese? Why?
  4. Why is Shrek so popular? How many of the Shrek films have you seen?
  5. Which was better – American Beauty or Gladiator? Why?
  6. What are your three favourite Spielberg movies?
  7. “Katy Perry is a genius.” Discuss.
  8. “Katy Perry is very sexy.” Discuss.
  9. “These questions were written by a man.” Discuss.
  10. Which team in the history of sport would you describe as an authentic Dream Team?
  11. Would the members of this class make a dream rugby team? Do you like rugby… why/why not?
  12. What are your memories of the Barcelona Olympics… was it the best Olympics ever?


Conversation questions

  • Do you remember your dreams? Why do some people remember their dreams well and others not?
  • Do you think dreams reveal important things about your personality or are they just random images? What for you is the significance and purpose of dreams?
  • What is your dream job? Is it simply a dream or could you achieve this? What practical steps could you take to achieve this dream?
  • “Adulthood is about the gradual extinction of your dreams as you adapt to the reality of life.” How much truth is there in this statement?
  • How many hours do you sleep? How many hours would you like to sleep ideally? What happens if you don’t get enough sleep?
  • Do you ever question the nature of reality or have the sense that nothing is real? Do you think it is useful or a waste of time to question reality? Why/why not?
  • The presenter of the audio talks obviously doesn’t like taking the bus. Do you share his dislike of busses? What is the best and worse form of public transport in your opinion?
  • Do you think your boss/teacher would accept the excuse that you weren’t sure he/she was real – if you failed to do an important excuse? What are the most common excuses people use in your job/school for not doing what they were supposed to?
  • Some experts say that deja-vu comes when something happens in reality which we dreamt. That’s why it seems like it’s happened before. When was the last time you had deja-vu, and what is your explanation?
  • What would you think if suddenly you woke up and you were ten years old, and everything that apparently happened in your teenage and adult life was a dream? What changes would you make based on the knowledge gained?


Well, I hope that was a sufficiently dreamy class of advanced English speaking and that you didn’t fall asleep. Bye.


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